Workshop: Demystifying Style

We build so much mystery into how we think about a writer’s style. We hear the name of an author, say, Hemingway or Morrison, Dickinson or Flynn, and we can imagine their style. But how does a writer cultivate a style? Where does one begin? At the sentence-level? The clause? The word? Or is style just something that becomes? In this six-week workshop, participants read within the field of creative nonfiction, receive weekly prompts, and have the opportunity to share their writing, all through the lens of style.

Dates: September 16-October 21

Meeting day & time: Monday, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. (Central Time Zone)

Venue: Zoom (link to be provided upon receipt of payment)

Capacity: 8 seats

Cost: $250

Please read the Terms & Conditions, then register here using the Contact form.


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